Waiting For You To Move

by Coffee Blue

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released October 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Coffee Blue Boston, Massachusetts

Studying at Berklee College of Music, Dany Orozco heard Brie Capone sing at an open mic and knew they had to play together. After doing the necessary investigation and finding out they had a friend in common, Dany approached Brie and they started jamming. Soon after, Camilo Gomez and Stefan Mabarak joined them and Coffee Blue was created. ... more

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Track Name: Touch My Body
Take it for what it is
Take me for who I am
And everything that you give
Make nothing short of a miracle

Cause I’ve been watching you
Yeah, I’ve been standing here
Waiting for you to move (me)
But all your moves, they come from fear
Said all your moves, they come from fear

Touch my body, all over
Do I give it away with my eyes?
Take me on as a friend and lover
There’s no room for compromise
Touch my body

I couldn’t help but want
I couldn’t help but feel your thoughts
They’re crashing into mine
As if we slept on the same side
As if we slept on the same side

And I know it’s quite a lot
To understand how bad a want can be
You know I’ve really fought
But still it’s always you and me
Track Name: Radio
Come one and all to the most awkward show in the world
In the center of the ring, the world's most ordinary girl
watch in amazement as I tell you how I feel
10 points for honesty, minus 10 for sex appeal

and I sing oh eh oh eh oh
Cause the radio told me so
And I feel oh eh oh eh oh
How come I feel I'm always wrong?

Is it hard to act so unaware?
and do you practice making me feel like I can't breathe?
I'm unarmed but I'm captured by your stare
So I'll stick around for the next trick up your sleeve

And I don't know what to say
Though I'm sure I'll make you laugh
If you promise me you'll stay
it's all I ask, all I ask
Track Name: Stay
I wear your hurt with pride around my neck like it was gold
A blade that’s painted black from all the blood I’ve drawn
Your pain I’ll always regret but right now I can’t bring myself to care
Please forgive me one more time so I can break your heart again

There’s no point in running now
You know I’ll hunt you down

Where’s the line that turns love into something dark like hate?
It was drawn by deep mistrust that lives inside my head
I see you armed to the tooth with my secrets while trying to run away
Let me tell you something, you’re not going anywhere

Don’t tell me I can’t fix this
It was me who broke it all
I promise I won’t hurt you
Until tomorrow comes
Track Name: Who Do You Love?
I’m sure you get this all the time
So in advance I apologize
Have we met somewhere before?

One of my many practiced lines
In case you happen to stop by
And I don’t run away like I’ve done before

But if I could ask you something, just curious I guess
If you could tell me something I’d finally get some rest

Who do you love?
Who makes you lose all control?
Who’s loving you?
Is it someone that I know?

I knew that once I saw your face
I would have trouble sleeping
Your eyes are much too bright

But I’d never tell you how I want
Or that I need or ever thought
About your body lying next to mine

It may just take time
Been a while since I fell
I might even say hi
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves